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kitchen taco tuesday

We do Taco Tuesday at the brewery because it has been a concept rooted in friendship that's existed to some of us for years, even before Stone City Ales had been dreamt up. For us (we know we didn't invent it!), and from what I can tell it started amongst a few sailing buddies and spread to outside circles of friends from there. What is it? It is taking the time, even for a few hours to sit down with friends and engage with one another. An excuse to hang out, catch up and share a meal over tacos on Tuesday evening. It's beautiful. 

Staff were doing it at home and realized it was a natural extension to bring it to the brewery. Now for SCA every Tuesday, on a rotating basis, we task one of our wicked kitchen crew with creating their own taco - with very good, local, homemade ingredients. Every week on Tuesdays you are going to find something brand new (a taco of course) and we promise that they’ll be delicious, but that is usually all they have in common. Sometime they are meatless, they've even been vegan, but that is not the point - the point is that one of our teammates gets stoked and creates an inspired taco that we (the taco eaters) are stoked to try, every-damn-week.

We'll let you know what we're cooking up on Tuesday mornings (via social media) and hope you can join in! Every Tuesday, 2 tacos + 1 house-made beer for 15. 

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