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SCA X Norman Hardie

collaboration norman hardie winery special release

Whenever our head brewer Justin da Silva finds a "free" day during the warmer months it's a safe assumption he's headed to Norman Hardie's Winery and Vineyard - and it didn't take long for most of our staff to follow suit. Between their delicious cool-climate wines (which rank among some of the finest in the world), wood-fired thin crust pizzas, wonderful staff and exceptional hospitality it is easy to see why. Across the board, it is a very special place that is near and dear to our hearts.

A trait that both SCA and Norman Hardie share is a deep rooted passion, rather obsession with quality. Passion for their craft's has forged a friendship based on respect and admiration. Needless to say we were ecstatic to receive a tote of 2014 Cab Franc Rose; destined for a blended future. 

Really stoked to share a collaboration we've got in the works, ETA November 2016. @normanhardiewinery X @stonecityales 💯

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The result is this beautiful, elegant 'saison cuvee' that comes in at 8.4%, 31 IBU and we affectionately call Secret Beach. We cannot get enough of this easy drinking beer, its acidity and balance make it easy to pair with food. It has a favour intensity that will pair with a wide variety of delicousness whether it be lighter fair light like oysters or the richness of soft, gooey, flavourful cheese... or let's get real, even something like fried chicken.

It expresses aromatic notes of ripe berries and orchard fruit balanced with a crisp acidity and a lively effervescence making it easy to fall in love with. This ale will cellar well, upright; we'll be aging ours for up to a year.

[ed. note: 750ml to-go bottles sold out in 3 days, don't worry you can still try it on draft at the brewery!]

Where you can find it:

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  • Hannah Marshall on

    I had this at Birreria Volo, fell in love. Is there anywhere else I can find this in toronto? PLEASE!

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